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Pilates is a gentle exercise that improves muscle control, increases flexibility, coordination and strength of the whole body without building bulk. Pilates increases awareness of the body as a single integrated unit, working the entire body, both left and right sides in unison to improve alignment and increase efficiency of movement


Pilates is a method of body conditioning that uses exercises to stretch and strengthen the body to improve posture, flexibility, strength and balance while uniting mind and body. These exercises are taught along with correct breathing techniques to promote relaxation while increasing lung capacity.

Pilates exercises focus on the using deepest muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and spine to create a strong core.



Pilates for students will help improve their posture by improving their core strength and increasing their flexibility, as they spend much of their day sitting over books or a computer.

Pilates will improve their sporting ability through teaching movement in isolation and improving flexibility thus reducing injuries; and through teaching of correct breathing techniques, will  help to improve their lung capacity.

Correct breathing techniques will help promote relaxation and assist with respiratory issues in our young people.

I am able to instruct a pilates class of up to 80 students as part of their Physical Education or sporting program.



Maintaining muscle mass is important as we age, and this class is designed to help maintain muscles mass through functional circuit based exercises using light weights, incorporating a small amount of cardio.


Exercises are adjusted to suit each persons requirements, working within their medical experts recommendations, if necessary. The class is kept small so that exercises are easily monitored and adjusted.



Moving back to Brisbane from New Zealand, Sharon joined a local gym as a way to meet new people. It was here she was introduced to pilates for the first time, participating in classes 3 times per week.


Sharon commenced work for the MS Society as a physiotherapist assistant. Under the guidance of the senior physiotherapist, Sharon designed and implemented exercise programs for the clients, adjusting to suit each individual's requirements on the day. It was during her time with the MS Society that Sharon took up part time study working towards a Diploma of Fitness, through the Australian Institute of Applied Science.


Sharon continues her education in the fitness industry to maintain her registration, and updates her Senior First Aid & CPR as required. After 3 years attending pilates classes, and inspired by her own instructor’s passion, and a desire to improve people’s well being, Sharon enrolled in a pilates course with The Australian Pilates Academy. Through the academy Sharon has also completed her qualifications in Fitball and Pregnancy consideration and the  Intermediate Advanced Level Floor  Matwork. Qualifications for Small Apparatus were gained through Pure Health Club, who are Fitness Australia accredited. Sharon believes that pilates is not just an exercise class but a learning experience, connecting mind & body.


Sharon’s clients are informed of the muscles they are stretching & strengthening and the benefit of each exercise, and teaches this throughout the class, making her class informative as well. Sharon believes the maximum benefits of pilates are achieved when a client can implement her teachings in their daily activities and teaches these principles to her clients. Sharon is able to inform clients of exercise considerations to provide her client the tools to help to achieve their goals.


Precision Pilates continues to teach the Joseph Pilates traditional method, focusing on the Joseph Pilates principles.


Call Sharon now to book your Pilates class - 0439 996 049


A private class is a good way to achieve maximum benefits from pilates. Your workout is designed to cater for your individual requirements, working within your physiotherapists guidelines if you have a pre-existing injury.




​The same benefits as for a private class. These classes have a minimum of 2 with a maximum of 5 participants, so bring a friend along and share the cost while still receiving individual attention. These classes are suited for those who prefer not to exercise in a larger group situation.


Classes can be held before, during or after work. All that is required is sufficient floor space to accommodate the class. A conference room  or a large lunch room is usually sufficient.


A minimum of 6 participants is required to commence a class with a maximum of 12 to ensure individual attention.


Employees taking time out to exercise, stretch, move and learn correct breathing techniques will have reduced time lost at work due to injury and stress, improving company productivity.



Group classes are a great way to meet new people while participating in a fun yet challenging workout.


Classes are kept to a maximum of 15 participants which still provides a level of personal experience, allowing the instructor to make adjustments as required.


A typical mat routine begins with a series of stretches, moving into strengthening exercises using controlled flowing movements to work both left and right sides of the body in unison. These classes cater for all levels from beginners to level 3, altering the intensity to suit individual requirements.



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• Adaptable for all ages and fitness levels

• Improves posture and balance

• Develops long lean muscles

• Increases strength, flexibility and control

• Increases lung capacity

• Strengthens core

• Promotes relaxation, reducing stress and fatigue

• Flattens abdominals

• Enhances efficiency of movement

• Reduces low back pain

• Rehabilitates past and current injuries


Call Sharon now to discuss your Pilates needs - 0439 996 049


Sharon continues her education in the fitness industry to maintain her registration, and updates her Senior First Aid & CPR as required.

  • Senior First Aid & Current CPR

  • Diploma of Fitness

  • Beginners/ Intermediate level Matwork

  • Pregnancy Considerations

  • Fitball Course

  • Small Apparatus Course

  • Intermediate Advance level Floor Matwork

  • Blue Card (Positive Notice for Commission for Children & Young People)

  • Remedial Pilates

  • Positive Practice for Pelvic Floor Course 

  • Arthritis Essential for Exercise Professionals through Arthritis Foundation of Tasmania.




Group / Fitball / Small Apparatus

  • Pants/shorts that are of stretchy fabrics such as lycra and a comfortable t shirt or singlet. Loose clothing or thick fabric makes it difficult for the  instructor to see your movements. These fabrics can also restrict your movements and over time send an incorrect message to your muscles.


  • Pilates is practiced without shoes but you can wear socks particularly in the cooler months.


  • You need to provide your own mat, preferably one that is 12mm in thickness. Mats can be purchased from Big W/ K Mart for as little as $15 - $20 or through a sporting outlet for approximately $45.00.


  • You should bring with you a towel and a bottle of water to prevent dehydration.


  • For a fitball class, you are required to supply your own fitball.

Your instructor provides small apparatus as required.

Private/Semi private

Your instructor will provide mats, towels and cold water.

Corporate Classes

Staff are to provide their own towels and water.

Please Note:

To participate in a fitball/small apparatus class you need to have participated in a mat class for at least 6 months and have a good basic understanding and application of the pilates principles.


You need to feel confident to sit/use a fitball.



Bahjai Community Hall

178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield

Queensland 4011


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